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International Professional License Accreditation Council

IPLAC Board Certificates
IHCL International Total Health Wellness Technician Specialist

International Total Health Wellness Technician Specialist (IHCL)

The professional qualification training course of the International Health Coach Skills Center is recognized and recommended by experts. It is also qualified by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labor. course.

Application eligibility and expiration date:
1. Anyone who has obtained domestic and foreign qualified certificate health coaching technology can apply
2. Must complete the specified course for a total of more than 120 hours (with certificate)
3.After obtaining the certificate, you must attend the 20-hour return training course every year and follow the relevant regulations.
Total Fitness Therapist/Specialist Certificate Course
 1: Cognitive human anatomy and exercise mechanics.
 2: How to cultivate and create value for your health.
 3: How to match the health checklist with the exercise prescription for the patient.
 4: Look for questions to improve the ability to identify the cause and adjust.
 5: Safety seminars such as sports injuries and physical activity.
 6: Physical activity and instructions for the implementation and steps of the instructions.
 7: Reconstruction and human biomechanical motion design.
 8: Strain method adjusted at different time and place.

 Certificate acceptance method

  1. The required course hours are more than 120 hours, 80% of which can be counted by the institution (unit) for digital learning (online learning) credits.
  2. Complete the report 2 copies of Case Report.
  3. pass the exam pass.
  4. No violation of the course norms.
  5. comply with professional  standards.