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IBAIS International Block-chain AI Expert System Specialist

International Block-chain AI Expert System Specialist (IBAIS)

Course Introduction: International block-chain AI expert system Technical Course"
1: Application of artificial intelligence and quantum mechanics in modern Agriculture
2: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
3: Uncovering the mysterious veil of the quantum World
4: The dialogue between quantum and artificial intelligence
5: The application of quantum and artificial intelligence in intelligent Agriculture
6: Experience sharing and comprehensive discussion

(International block-chain AI expert system Technical Specialist License Content course brief)
First: Block-chain, redefine "value trading" mechanism Model Lecture outline:

  1. The impact of block-chain on existing business processes.
  2. Block-chain how to shape the new era of business processes
  3. The role of business people in the era of value networking

Second: AI Block-chain de-centric value Trading System Lecture outline:
1.To understand the history and key processes of AI.
2.To understand the AI block-chain of the five core Technologies
3.AI block-chain business unfinished business
Third: Virtual Currency Finance and Information Application Practice Lecture outline:
1.To understand virtual currency financial application and resources
2.To understand virtual currency financial and traditional financial differences
3.To understand virtual currency information application and resources
4.Practical approach to Virtual Currency
Fourth: Discussion on the practice of block-chain innovation, key innovation, class innovation, practical and challenge of native Innovation lecture outline:
1.understanding the key innovations and advantages of block-chain
2.understanding the deployment challenges of block-chain innovation analysis of the original innovation pointer case analysis of the original innovative pointer case five,
Fifth: Discussion on the practice of block-chain innovationpractical and challenge of transformation and Innovation Lecture outlineAn in-depth analysis of financial transformation Innovation Pointer case
Sixth: Second generation Block-chain business application Trend Prospect Lecture Outline: Analysis of the potential of industrial change in the application of sub-generation block-chain

Eligibility and Expiration Date:
1. Anyone who obtains a technical division of a block-chain system at home and abroad can apply for
 2. The total amount of the specified course must be completed for more than 120 hours (with proof)
3. Upon obtaining the certificate, you must take a 20-hour return to the advanced course each year and comply with the relevant specifications.

 Course subjects (Total 120 hours)
1. International Block-chain AI Expert system (application of artificial intelligence and quantum mechanics in modern agriculture, introduction to artificial intelligence, uncovering the mystery of the quantum world, quantum and artificial intelligence in the application of intelligent agriculture ...) /36 hours.  
2. Practice Internship/30 hours
3. Panel discussion/24 hours

  1.  International Exchange Seminar Observation/20 hours

5  Thematic reports/10 hours

Certification Requirements
1 To complete the prescribed course hours more than 120 hours, of which 80% can use the Organization (unit) recognized digital learning (online learning) credits.
2 Completion of 2 cases report.
3 Pass the exam. over 75 scores
4 No violation of course specifications.

  1. The qualified candidate must comply with professional standard.