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CP Certificate in Photographic
IPLAC Board Certificate

Certificate in Photographic (CP)

The Certificate in Photography provides entry-level and experienced photographers with an opportunity to focus on solid darkroom techniques as well as fundamental and more advanced skills necessary to the production of fine art photographic images.If you want to improve your photography career in general or you would love to earn a living as a professional photographer then, without question, this is the certificate you must obtain. This certificate will give you the grounding and confidence to turn professional. Jobs related in graphic arts and photographic: Advertising Art Director: Advertising art directors develop ideas and translate these into advertising for print or television to sell a client's product or service. They also pull together a number of people to work on the production of the advertising, and give direction on how the final product should look. Animator: Animators create the motion of characters or moving images for film, television or the Internet. Artist/Craftsperson:Artists/craftspeople develop creative ideas into works of art through a variety of mediums such as paint, clay, wood and stone. Exhibition Technician: Exhibition technicians prepare, install, maintain and dismantle museum or art gallery exhibitions. Graphic Designer: Graphic designers create artwork, such as logos, packaging, advertising or posters, for the promotion or development of goods, services and ideas. They may also design artwork and/or layout for fabrics, magazines, websites and other publications, or help to develop television advertisements. Graphic Pre-Press Worker: Graphic pre-press workers use a computer to prepare material for printing. This process may include typesetting, image assembly, manipulating graphics, doing design and layout, and preparing computer files. Illustrator: Illustrators use a variety of media, such as computers and paints, to create images for books, magazines, advertisements and posters. Industrial Designer: Industrial designers design and develop products for use in homes, businesses and industry. Photographer: Photographers take photographs of people, places, products or events. Production Designer/Art Director: Production designers are responsible for the overall look of a film, television programme or commercial. Art directors are responsible for the look of a film, television programme or commercial while it is being filmed. Wardrobe Person: Wardrobe people make, arrange and care for costumes and accessories worn in television, theatre or film. To email a detail of your credentials, degrees, experience or qualifications: so that we can make a review and determination.