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Certificate Lounge-Bar Professional (CLBP)

Obtaining a bartender certification means that you are a certified bartender. This certificate indicates that you have successfully completed your bartending training and will use bartending as a career, reward and exciting service situation. Immediate employment can be a unique bartender in the barkeeper's qualifications, and in the ignorance of the different ways to use their skills in bartending and bartending certification, bartending is not only focused on the work as a professional bartender, but also for Seeking an excellent background in all personal functions or careers in the field of bar management.

Familiar with the knowledge of beverages, basic professional knowledge of bartending and technical, safety and health knowledge and related laws and regulations. The purpose is to enable bartender practitioners to have a correct understanding of beverages, ever-changing skills, provide consumer hygiene, safe beverage modulation services, bartenders and bar staff, flexible flexible working hours, working in a bar or nightclub environment.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive the following certificates:

ILPAC -Certificate Lounge-Bar Professional (CLBP) Bartender License.


Course benefits:

 The job of the bartender is to provide professionals with professional knowledge and bartending skills to be proficient in the industry, to teach various courses for the advanced training of bartending, and to develop professional skills.

 Enhance the humanities knowledge system and expert literacy, create a workplace competence to learn professional knowledge, improve the quality of quality bartending services, and create middle and high-level bartending capabilities.

 Professional training of professional lecturers in bartending knowledge, widely recognized in the profession, so BC certification provides you with the best choice for investing in bartender qualifications.


 Graduated from high school (job) or above, with business experience in the field of bartending education management, or has an international diploma in bartending education, professional certificate and other related degrees.

 The social administration authorities at all levels or their recognized units shall handle the accumulated training hours of the bartender, pass the certificate of completion and obtain the certificate of completion, and obtain the certificate issued by the competent authority.

 After obtaining the certificate, you must take the 15-hour back-up training course every year and follow the specifications of the ILPAC expert ethics guidelines.

Course subjects: (42 hours total)

  • Professional support of bar counter professionals

  • Steps and methods for beverage preparation (stirring method, shaking method, direct injection method, electric stirring method)

  • Characteristics, taste and application methods of 6 base wines

  • Various basic bartending techniques such as Stir & Mix, Build Layer, Blend and Shake, etc.

  • International standard cocktail material and serving volume control

  • Situational Business Psychology

  • Cocktail Club Operation Strategy and Practice


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