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CHCM Chartered Health Care Management

Chartered Health Care Management (CHCM)

Chartered Health Care Management (CHCM) Certification Course
Health management is a hot emerging industry in recent years. Its main responsibility is to maintain health for the sub-health, avoid disease, and provide comprehensive health protection services for everyone from a social, psychological and biological perspective. Work includes collecting and managing the health and disease risks of individuals or groups; conducting health consultation and guidance for individuals or groups; performing health maintenance on individuals or groups;
Management" effectiveness evaluation of technology applications, etc.

Course subjects include: Overview of Nutritional Health Management; Basic Nutrition (Weight Control, Diet Management, etc.); Psychology and Health; Exercise and Health; Career Development Planning.

Have a grade of 5 and have 2 years of work experience, or have a college degree or above
Complete one of our approved certification training courses.
3 years or more of medical management or related business
Formal medical management qualification
International Diploma in Healthcare Management

1. The exam is scheduled to take place in the last class.
2. Students who complete the course, attendance rate of 80% and pass the exam, can apply for the certificate issued by the Center.
3. Students who have completed the course and passed the exam can apply for the Chartered Health Care Management (CHCM) International Health Manager Certificate issued by IPLAC at an additional cost.