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Certificate of Biotechnology Professional (CBP)(Level-C)

Biotechnology Science is a specialized area in the Medical Science programs. Individuals, who focus on this area, can expect to learn all about Biotechnology Technology. If you currently don't have a bachelor's degree in department of Biotechnology Science, then you can enroll in an online biotechnology science program. With the successful completion of this program, you can expect to be rewarded knowledge of biotechnology and enter a world of biotechnology and can have a direct impact on many of the biotechnology science on a daily basis.
Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology Science
More than three years experiences in Biotechnology Science
Degree from an accredited college or completed an accredited college degree in Biotechnology Science  Work related major or who have a Bachelor, Master, Doctorial of other relevant degree.
A formal Biotechnology Work qualification
International diploma in Biotechnology Work
Able to join a 15-hour advance training courses every year after obtain the certificate
Course Fee USD1, 000, after receive the certificate approval, membership fee (USD100) and license fee (USD500) shall be charged.
Courses (Total 42 hours)
Cultivation and Fermentation of Edible and Medicinal Fungi
Molecular Biology
General Medical Technology
Advanced Anatomical Physiology
Industrial Quality Control and Statistic Analysis
Industrial Utilization of Carbohydrate
Cell Culture