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Diploma of International professional Dental Technician (DIPDT)

Introduction to the professional license qualifications:

The International Professional Dental Technician (DIPDT) certification is a pipeline and training program that provides outstanding and outstanding dental technicians to participate in the dental management team.

Application eligibility and expiration date:

1. Anyone who has obtained a certificate of qualified dentists at home and abroad can apply

2. Must complete the specified course for a total of more than 100 hours (with certificate)

3. This certificate is valid for 5 years.

4. After obtaining the certificate, you must attend the 20-hour return training course every year and follow the relevant regulations.

Course subjects (100 hours total)

1. Dental Technology Course

2. Medical technology relationship and communication

3. Dental Technology Management

4. Medical law and medical ethics

5. Sensitivity training

Certificate Issued & acceptance Criteria

1 The completed course hours are more than 100 hours, 80% of which can be counted by the institution (unit) for digital learning (online learning) credits.

2 Must to Complete the two (2) cases written report .

3 Must to Pass the Final Written Examination score over 80% .

4 No violation of the course specifications.

5 Must to Comply with professional standards.

To email a detail of your credentials, degrees, experience or qualifications: so that we can make a review and determination.