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Certificate of Quality Education Management Specialist (CQEM)

Talents are the cornerstone of the industry. Practice the traditional concept of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, implement the quality education, train and develop relevant professional talents, and match employment opportunities, which will help enhance the necessity, professionalism and competitiveness of the education service industry.

Quality education is based on the overall improvement of people's basic quality, based on respect for human subjectivity and developmental subjectivity and human character, focusing on the development of human intellectual potential and focusing on the formation of human's sound personality as the fundamental characteristic of education. .Quality education is an educational method that emphasizes the exploration and adaptability of talents, so that everyone can adapt to the talents. With professional knowledge related to quality education, can assist and counsel relevant educators or parents, and provide appropriate counseling advice and problem counseling when necessary.

Quality Education Management Manager Course Content
1.Parent-child futurology
2. Primary quality education consultation
3. Children's Day Quality Course and Practical Application,
4. Management theory and practice case courses,
5. Market planning and marketing rules apply drills,
6. Formulation and handling of crisis countermeasures.

Class hours: 30 hours course +12 hours case study discussion

How to obtain the professional license:
1. Class mode: physical course and practice
2. Types of questions: multiple choice questions, application questions and case studies
3. There are 12 questions in the exam, which are selected from the question bank of 20 questions.
4. Each student is required to submit a case study report
5. The required cases for the course are provided by the actual sampling and delivery of the course.
Note: Completion of the above high-level courses and passing the examination, the qualified student will be able to apply and awarded: Quality Education Specialist Certificate.

Application Prerequisite

  • Passion and Spirit for Early Childhood Education Industries
  • 20 years old and above
  • College degree or above


To email a detail of your credentials, degrees, experience or qualifications: so that we can make a review and determination.