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Certificate of Psychological Counselor(CPC)


1. A large amount of social demand: According to the survey, there are more than 16 million people with various mental disorders and mental disorders among the 1.3 billion people. 190 million people in China need to introduce psychological counseling and psychotherapy in their lifetime, and 150 million young people are affected by emotions. There are 30 million teenagers who are suffering from stress.

2. Serious shortage of professionals: In the United States, 1,000 out of every one million people provide counseling services; in China, only 2.4 out of every one million people. In the United States, there are more than 3,000 universities with psychology departments and only 60 universities with psychology departments in China. Moreover, psychological counseling professionals are extremely rare, and very few training resources are concentrated in high-quality research institutes in large cities.

3. Professional meaning

Counseling is a process in which a professionally trained counselor establishes a therapeutic relationship with a visitor to help the other person know himself, accept himself, and then appreciate himself, so as to overcome obstacles to growth. To give full play to the potential of the individual, it is the comprehensive and rich development of life and the realization of self-worth. It includes the following aspects:

• Safe and trustworthy relationships;

• Counseling is a process that is a series of psychological activities;

• It is a helpful activity that helps people to help themselves;

• The purpose of psychological counseling is to help visitors understand their problems, improve their ability to cope with setbacks and solve various problems, and enhance their ability and self-confidence in the face of various setbacks and difficulties in life to achieve self-reliance.


Work content

The work of professional counselors mainly includes the following contents: information sources such as visitors and their families receive information about the psychological problems and psychological barriers of the visitors; psychological growth, personality development, intelligence, socialization and family of the visitors, Marriage life events, etc., comprehensive assessment, summarizing psychological and physiological surveys; based on the results of psychological development and psychophysiological surveys, psychological diagnosis of visitors, development of psychological treatment plans, and guidance of implementation; found in psychological counseling visits If you have a mental disorder or physical illness, you should request a consultation or transfer to another specialist. Specifically:

• Psychological Crisis Intervention: A person experiences heavy psychological trauma and blows, such as loss of ideals, goals and careers, accidental deaths of loved ones, deterioration of interpersonal relationships, etc., leading to psychological counseling when a sharp mental breakdown occurs.

• Consultation on life issues: including love, marriage, family and sexual issues, choices for further studies and employment, maladaptiveness, learning difficulties, child misconduct, interpersonal problems, and various mental health issues such as alcohol and drug dependence.

• Consultation on physical and mental diseases: Many physical diseases, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, and tumors, have their relationship with the occurrence of psychosis, and they can be psychologically consulted in time to relieve psychological stress. Prevent physical illness from getting worse.

• Mental Disorder Counseling: If you have neurosis, personality changes, and other mental disorders, you can seek medical advice on issues such as medication, social function recovery, marriage and childbirth.

Other counseling on mental health issues: such as family and group mental health problems, can also be psychological counseling.


Candidates who complete the course and pass the tests will be issued UNESCO/IPLAC certificates:CPC - Certificate of Psychological Counselo

Course will be conducted in following content:

1.Brain science foundation

2. Assessment consulting skills

3. Discrimination of consciousness and subconsciousness

4. Reason, sensibility and self

5. Multiple wisdom teaching and learning

6. Neurolinguistic basis

7. Analysis and counseling skills for learning disabilities

8. Developmental Psychology Foundation

Certificate acquisition:

1.Attendee must attend over 80% of the class.

 2.Complete course project report.

3.Certificate will be issued after passing 3 months of Internship and

completed more than 100 case study reports.

4.Candidates can not violate any class regulation.

5.Candidate need to observe professional ethics

To email a detail of your credentials, degrees, experience or qualifications: so that we can make a review and determination.