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Certificate of Micro-integrator Specialist (CMT)


To obtain an international professional micro-integrator certificate is the first step towards a dream career. Individuals with international professional micro-integrator certificates can choose to work in many different environments, such as beauty salons, hairdressers or their own private clinics.


The International Professional Micro-Integrator Certificate Course teaches skills needs in order to start and maintain a successful beauty business. The general cosmetic effect is fast, but it is still an invasive treatment course, which is prone to medical disputes and irreversible injuries and regrets. International professional micro-integrators must achieve five major goals:

1.Not invasive

2. No need to move the knife

3. No need for injection

4. No anesthesia

5. No medical equipment is required.

And still can achieve the goal of micro-shaping that can be completed by medical beauty laser.

These technologies can be applied to any of a wide range of specialties, including hairdressers or manicurists in hair salons or spas.

Certified individuals can also choose to start their own private activities and be free to set their own time and expenses.

In order to qualify for graduation, those seeking an international professional micro-integrator certificate must fully understand the skills they use to deal with the daily challenges of the beauty business. 

Course content: 4 hours per class

  • Professional beauty tips and introduction to the museum supplies

  • Facial cleansing and massage techniques (water laser teaching and three-fold teaching of full-face whitening) include techniques such as makeup removal, cleaning, exfoliation, calming, etc.

  • Eliminate the raised lines and crow's feet, eliminate the law lines and bags under the eyes

  • Stretching treatment of stretch marks

  • Spot treatment and acne treatment, sputum treatment and virus treatment

  • Pothole healing and acne elimination, treatment of sores and granulation

  • Whole body skin rejuvenation and pore reduction, postoperative maintenance surgery

  • License exam

Course Duration: two months/4 days (8 hours per day, 32 hours total)

               Along with three months workshop/12 weeks(each week 24 hours practice)

Upon completion of the course:

The qualified attendant can apply the certificate of UNESCO-IPLAC United Nations International Professional License Certification Board-Certificate of Cosmetologist International Professional Beautician Certificate, only with the written recommendation of the course in charge.

Course Benefits:

1. Design a series of beautician professional skills courses, so that those in need can achieve the ideal of micro-employment to make a living.

2. The skin care products developed are suitable for men and women of all skin types and ages. Its main raw materials are mostly made of natural food grade materials.

3. There is no need for auxiliary equipment in the professional beauty care process, so there is no intrusive doubt about the skin.

4. The professional beauty care process is simple to operate, with a focus on handicraft SOPs and experience. The hand program is not complicated and easy to learn, and the experience is immediately felt by the experience.


1. Admission requirements: 18 years old, medical and aesthetic industry personnel, doctors, nurses, beauticians, health management practitioners, with more than three years of experience, and for modern cutting-edge medical technology, research results and beauty business Positive interest and sincerity to invest.

2. Graduated from high school (job) or above.

3. Obtain the certificate and follow the specifications of the IPLAC Expert Ethics Guidelines.

Certificate access method:

1 The attendant must have completed over 90% of class hours.

2 The familiarity of this course and the familiarity of the operation methods are very important, so the exams and tests are necessary.

3 Must pass the final exam.



To email a detail of your credentials, degrees, experience or qualifications: so that we can make a review and determination.