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Certificate of Floral Cuisine Specialist (CFCS)

Course Description:

1: Cognitive flowers that can be eaten.

Eating flowers has existed since ancient times. Can eat a lot, can not eat and a lot. It is very romantic to eat flowers, flowers can eat and can play a role. Therefore, the flower lovers are not limited to ladies. Many men are also deeply fascinated by flowers. How happy they are to eat. But to do flower cooking requires some skill to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we open a floral creation food is to create more flower cooking for a beautiful atmosphere.

2: Floral design course.

Floral design is a basic summary of flower food. Can understand the basic beauty of floral art. Relatively, the beauty can be realized in food. This is a kind of culinary aesthetics that Chinese cooking artists need to learn.

3: Basic nutrition of food.

A chef knows how to cook. If you can also cook the nutrients of the food. With the fire control. Let the ingredients of some ingredients produce chemical changes in the pot. That dish is worth it. So a person who controls the pots in the pot. Then you will control the taste buds of human beings. Let him master the standard of human drinking water safety standards. Let the chefs. Take it to the next level.

4: The chef's own health safety standard class

The cooks give a lot of people a greasy feeling. The chef himself is also given to most of the judges. The negative image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. I want to make the chef glamorous with the image course.

5: Say the ability to train.

Usually the average chef has a poor tone. Because the knowledge is not broad enough. Therefore, it is impossible to tell where a good food value is. Of course, I am very knowledgeable and can spit lotus. Here we open this course to let the people who love food know whether they are delicious in the world or smashed in the world. The kitchen in my heart is also a very important story of diet.

6: Culinary aesthetics art creation course.

A culinary artist. I hope that they have a certain basic outline of aesthetics. The most important thing is to let the chefs. I feel that you are not an ordinary person. Because you are a chef. The chef is going to perform cooking. He wants to have a clean appearance. There is also a courteous etiquette to be a chef.

7: The strain of the preservation method of the refrigerator.

The health box in a restaurant is a refrigerator. How to control the shelf life and freshness of the refrigerator is the responsibility of the chefs. So I am teaching the course to let the chef know how to get healthy and have no time to work hard.

Eligibility and expiration date:

1. Anyone who has obtained domestic and foreign certificates of Chinese and Western cooking skills can apply.

2. Must complete the specified course for a total of more than 120 hours (with certificate)

3. This certificate is valid for 5 years.

4. After obtaining the certificate, you must attend the 20-hour return training course every year and follow the relevant regulations.

Course subjects (120 hours total)

First, professional subjects: 36 hours.

1: Cognitive flowers that can be eaten.

2: Floral design course.

3: Basic nutrition of food.

4: The chef's own health safety standard class

5: Say the ability to train.

6: Say the ability to train.

7: Culinary aesthetics art creation course.

8: The strain of the refrigerator preservation method.

Second, the implementation of the course: 84 hours

1. Implementation internship / 30 hours

2. Group discussion / 24 hours

3. Well-known restaurants to observe / count 20 hours

4. Special report / 10 hours

Certificate acceptance method

1 The required course hours are more than 120 hours, 80% of which can be counted by the institution (unit) for digital learning (online learning) credits.

2 Complete the report 2 copies of CASE REPORT.

3 Must to pass the final written exam .

4 No violation of the course norms.

5 Must to comply with professional standards.


To email a detail of your credentials, degrees, experience or qualifications: so that we can make a review and determination.