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Certificate of International Engineering Application Technology Engineer of Water Energy(EMBA)

Course introduction

In order to effectively integrate resources and coordinate with individual development characteristics, research results will be enhanced. Encourage working people to participate in industrial cooperation research projects, enhance the research results of industry-university cooperation, so that the academic community and the industry can cooperate and exchange, and expand the industry's network resources to facilitate the employment of students. At present, the parks are currently at the beginning of development. Although the main industries are mostly high-tech industries such as optoelectronics, precision machinery and semiconductors, they still need professional personnel such as international enterprise management and human resources management. Therefore, they have provided the trainees who have obtained the licenses. Excellent job opportunities. Therefore, in addition to business and management professional courses, students in this class still need to have an understanding of R&D innovation, information and other related knowledge in order to increase their future employability. Therefore, this course also emphasizes the importance of courses in related fields.

1. Admission: University graduates are not limited but must have work experience.

2. After majoring in a college or university, you can study directly after completing the credits.

3. Those with special backgrounds can apply for admission if they are recommended by the project.

Application document:

1. One application form for admission

2. 1 English diploma and 1 English transcript

3. 1 resume, 1 autobiography, 1 recommendation letter

4. Passport, admission card, identity card, 1 copy of Taiwan student ID card, 2 photos of 壹吋

5. Admission fee

6. Work experience certificate

EMBA obtained regulations:

1. Each class of EMBA is based on the course records, class discussions, and written research reports.

2. The course required by the school must be completed and the results are qualified (with transcripts).

3. The EMBA needs to complete 10 courses and complete 10 written research reports.

Course Name

Business Values and Ethics、Leadership and the Management of Change、International Financial Management and Investment Strategy、Human Resources Management、Advanced Accounting and Financial Management、Global Operations Management、cross-border E-Commerce Management、Competitive Analysis、International Marketing Management、Seminar in Business Administration、

Documents can be obtained after the admission examination is passed:

1. According to the student's application for admission (such as the application documents: listed), the documents and admission qualifications are reviewed.

2. The Committee agrees to accept the student's application before paying the admission fee.

3. When the payment procedures are completed, the school will send a “Admission Notice Letter” to the students based on the student application documents.

To email a detail of your credentials, degrees, experience or qualifications: so that we can make a review and determination.