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Diploma of TQC Counselor (DTQC)


Professional Intelligence counselor are able to know human behavior and their thinking logic through learning relations between Dermatoglyphics Applied Behavioral Science (DABS) and brain reflection, and to obtain better understanding of the communication pattern between people and the individual strength. Qualified consuler will assist test candidate from preschool stage till adult stage with most optimized and scientized advise and support. We hope to reach a model for communication that could benefit other as well as oneself, to create a better family life and can be used in career and academic with one’s full strength, to benefit the society through efficiency.  


Educations on Dermatoglyphics, cerebral cortex correspondence, personality traits analysis and to develop professionals on communications and relations. Therefore, professional consultants or candidates in related field could provide professional and scientific proven advices and help examinee focus on self-personality trait and top 10 brain intelligence capability for better use and adjustment.

Candidates who complete the course and pass the tests will be issued UNESCO/IPLAC certificates:

Course will be conducted in following content:

1.Dermatoglyphics Analysis and interpretation.

2. Counter rule.

3.Pattern energy.

4.Energy and Personality attribute.

5.Meaning of pattern.

6.Basic brain science.

7.Consulting skill.

8.The difference between conscious and subconscious.

9.Sense, sensibility and ego.

10.Teaching and learning on multiple intelligences

11.Basic neurolinguistics.

12.Analysis and counseling techniques on Learning disability.

13.Develop basic phycology.

Applicant qualifications:

  1. IPLAC, Institute of Genius Discovery certificate in all level, Entry, Intermediate and Advance certificates are required to apply advance tests.

TQC Professional Counselor

Specialist Level 1

TQC Professional Counselor

Specialist Level 2

TQC Professional Counselor

Diploma Specialist

2. Certificate will be issued after passing 3 months of Internship and completed more than 100 case study reports.

3. Candidates are required to return for advance course training and to

follow all DTQC rules after certification granted annually.


 Education &Training Period 68 hours:

1.Dermatoglyphics Applied Behavioral Science on Intelligent cognition.

2.Perfect timing on start training dominant brain.  

3.Time difference on Superb Intelligence Training.

4.How personality trait guides intelligence.

5.Education on strengthen learning skill for feeble-minded group.

Communication adjustment :

1.Basic communication concept.

2.Personality traits

3.Cases on Behavior adjustment and revision.

Learning Disability:

1. Guidance and cases of Learning disability.

2.Learning Gap- Deferred reaction and lack of sense of time.

 3.Scattered brained - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Sharing Session: Case discussion-three sections workshop each section 12 hours.

Certificate acquisition:

1.Attendee must attend over 80% of the class.

 2.Complete course project report.

3.Certificate will be issued after passing 3 months of Internship and

completed more than 100 case study reports.

4.Candidates can not violate any class regulation.

5.Candidate need to observe professional ethics

To email a detail of your credentials, degrees, experience or qualifications: so that we can make a review and determination.