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Certificate of International Planning and Design Engineer of Water Energy(CPWE)

Certificate Introduction:

In order to adapt to environmental pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, it is necessary to start the Earth's energy, environment, climate replacement change balance strategy.   In recent years, the warming of the Earth, climate change, extreme climate molding is the proof of the balance of the earth, so it is urgent to mitigate climate change so that energy and environment adapt to nature. Sustainable development, as the ultimate goal of human pursuit of intergenerational equality, must take into account environmental protection, social equity and economic development, and the simplest solution is to implement the balance of energy in the ground. Certificate of International Planning and Design Engineer of Water Energy (CESTEWE) certification, that is, in the training of water energy system Planning and Design Engineer personnel, to provide outstanding Planning and Design engineers to participate in the water energy system technical team of a training program.

Eligibility and Validity period:

1.Energy and environmental industry related personnel, architects, structural technicians, construction, water and electricity, air conditioning, fire and other professional technicians and engineering personnel.

2.Must be qualified (with proof) for technical training in water and energy systems.

3.The validity period of this certificate is 5 years.

4.After obtaining the certificate, must attend the advanced course of more than 20 hours per year and comply with the relevant specifications.

Curriculum ( Total 100 Hours )

1. The relationship between human activities and the Earth's energy cycle.

2. Methods of energy conversion in building rooms.

3. Water Energy transfer technology planning and design.

4. Water Energy saving technology planning and design.

5. Technical planning and design of water energy capacity.

6. Water Energy creation technology planning and design.

7. Water Energy storage technology planning and design.

8. Water Energy integration technology planning and design.

9. AI Intelligent Water Energy system planning and design.

10. Water Energy sharing economic model planning.

How the certificate to be obtained

1.More than 100 hours to complete the prescribed course.

2.2 Completion of Internship report.

3.Those who pass the exam

4.No violation of course specifications.

5.Persons complying with professional norms

To email a detail of your credentials, degrees, experience or qualifications: so that we can make a review and determination.